Welcome to Virginia Gun Training, the fastest and least expensive way to get your Virginia Concealed Carry permit. Our course is taught by a state-certified instructor and meets all laws and training requirements in the state of Virginia for you to obtain your Concealed Handgun Permit(Virginia's equivalent of a concealed weapons permit for handguns). Follow the following link to learn more! Virginia Online Concealed Carry Permit | Virginia Gun Training

New and experienced students alike are finding our course to be fun and informative. The class covers safety aspects including: rules of gun safety, concealed weapon handling, firearm disassembly, concealed carry holster choice, and more.

If you are worried about not being able to pass, don't be! Our policy is "Take the class till you pass". All final test retakes are free!

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The course is only $19.95 and takes about half an hour. Meets all state laws for you to obtain your Concealed Handgun Permit in Virginia. Click below to sign up today!

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